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May 2000, Stamp Show 2000 at Earls Court. PISG Vice-President Cy Kitching,
displayed a variety of interesting items from his Pitcairn collection. Photo: David Sleep



All bids will be in Pounds Sterling with a minimum bid of £1.00 and then in increments of 50p.
Reserve prices have been stated where appropriate.

All bids will be reduced either to the reserve price or, if there is more than one bid, to 50p above the lower bid.

15% of the realised bid prices will be retained by the Pitcairn and Norfolk Island Society.

Scans of the Lots can be requested but may be only indicative where a Lot contains many individual items

All payments will be made by one of the following means:

1. Sterling cheque (made payable to "PNI Society") and sent to A Fillmore, 138 New Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5EE, United Kingdom

2. By PayPal (account pni.fillmore@gmail.com)

3. BACS to (Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20 90 91, Account 90351989)

No winning Lots will be posted until payment is received.


Postage (by Royal Mail) and packing costs for single or multiple Lots will be advised after the auction.
These will vary considerably depending on your location but as a guide the following costs for a single lot will apply:

Large Letter 250-500g

UK £2.50
Europe £5.50
USA £7.50
Australia/New Zealand £8.00


Small Parcel (Book) 750-1000g

UK £3.50
Europe £9.00
USA £14.00
Australia/New Zealand £14.50


Please email your bids to Alan Fillmore at pni.fillmore@gmail.com, quoting the Lot number.


The closing date for bids is Sunday 16th September, 2018.


Please contact Alan Fillmore with any questions.



Part One - Lots 1 to 135


Part Two - Lots A1 to A10


Part Three - Lots B1 to B6


Part Four - Lots C1 to C4/11


Part Five - Lot D1


Part Six - Lot E1