Back issues of the Society magazine: 60 to 69

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The July 2021 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • The Rangitata during World War Two
  • What a Small World, Captain Bligh, by Ted Cookson
  • Letter from Bligh to Banks – Batavia, 13th October, 1789, by Captain Jeff Thomas
  • Some notes on William Purcell, cantankerous carpenter of the Bounty? By Erik J. Wright
  • The “Pitcairn Porcelain” by John Bendall and Ted Cookson
  • Who shot HMAV Bounty’s Mast with this Small Lead Ball? From Herb Ford
  • Karl Lewis by Frank Moat
  • Karl Lewis Covers – a catalogue and notes. By David Ransom with Cy Kitching
  • Book Review by Paul Burnett: Pitcairn Island via the Panama Canal in the 1920s, by David Ransom
  • New stamp issue from Norfolk Island
  • Parkin Christian with the Bounty vice and anvil
  • Plus our regular features.
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The January 2021 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • “Bout you g’wen?”, by Pervis Young
  • Bennett’s Whaling Voyage Round The Globe (1840)
  • Clark of Pitcairn Island, by Herbert Ford
  • Pitcairn Island Stone Tools, by Ted Cookson
  • Norfolk Island Holiday, by Michael Ransom
  • Book Review by David Ransom: Kendall’s Longitude, by John Bendall
  • Impending retirement of Dennis Christian, by Paul Burnett
  • The Strange Case of Mary Bryant, by Captain Jeff Thomas
  • Pitcairn and Norfolk postal history
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • And all our regular features.
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The July 2020 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • The Grave of John Norton on Tofua Island
  • Bounty’s Final Days at Pitcairn
  • Water, water, everywhere - the Rime of the Norfolk Islander
  • Pitcairn Benefactors, part 5 - Gifts for Pitcairn Island
  • HMS Pandora in Vietnam
  • Marc Clark and his Statue of William Bligh in Sydney
  • Treasured painted leaves
  • Norfolk Parakeet
  • The Hackney Connection with Pitcairn
  • Book Reviews
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Tributes to John O’Conner
  • And all our regular features.
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The January 2020 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Communications: Cruise Ships visiting Pitcairn, part 2 – The Germans are Coming
  • From Cape Cod to Pitcairn Island – The Old Manse Inn in Brewster, Massachusetts
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Visit to Pitcairn, 1971 - the shark handicraft (illustrated here) presented by Pitcairn, is on the Royal Yacht Britannia along with an engraved brass plaque
  • The homes of Admiral Bligh
  • Lucas Kukler – illustrator and stamp designer
  • The Pacific Explorer continues P&O's long association with Norfolk Island
  • Showcase for Jenny (an exhibition in memory of Jennifer Toombs)
  • Notes on the Construction of HMAV Bounty
  • Norfolk Island's Bounty Day 2019
  • New stamp issues from Pitcairn and Norfolk
  • And all our regular features.