Alan Game

From the January 2011 edition of the 'UK Log'

A Tribute to Alan Game

It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of Alan Game who died very suddenly of a heart attack on 2nd November 2010. He had just returned from an overseas business trip when he was taken ill. He was 63 years of age.

Alan will be greatly missed by all our members, having played such a prominent role in the affairs of P.I.S.G. He was a founder member of the U.K. Group and our Honorary Treasurer since we started more than twenty years ago. Those who attended our meetings will recall his attention to detail and the invaluable role he played at our live auctions.

Alan was born in 1947 in the London area and on leaving school took an apprenticeship in the leather industry. He worked for several companies in this field, first in production before moving to direct sales. His work took him all over the world in search of business. Alan’s last visit (to the Middle East) followed our Annual General Meeting in October when as usual he presented the year’s accounts with such clarity.

Like others, Alan started collecting Pitcairn stamps because it was possible to obtain all the issues back to 1940 without great expense. However, his collection expanded over the years and many will remember his outstanding series of Radio covers which he displayed on a number of occasions.

As with many of us, Alan had a number of other interests. Apart from being a great family man, he was a keen sportsman. When he wasn’t travelling overseas, he took great interest in his local community. He was also a member of other philatelic societies.

We have lost a stalwart member and P.I.S.G. is much the poorer by his sudden and unexpected death. Alan was looking forward to his retirement in a year or so but sadly this was not to be. He was a great inspiration to us all and our condolences go to his widow, Iris and to their two sons, Stuart and Stephen.

Graham Ford
Austin Meares
David Sleep


From the July 1992 edition of the 'UK Log'

Meet your Officers
Alan Game, Hon. Treasurer (UK)

An interest in stamp collecting was started by receiving a starter pack of an album and a packet of 250 whole world stamps as a Christmas present as a seven year old. By the age of 15 I began thinking of specialising in a territory where it was possible to afford, over a period of time, to collect all the issued stamps. This, plus a spark of interest created by the 'Bounty' story, naturally led to the basis of a Pitcairn collection.

As you can imagine, this was before I knew anything about forerunners, and a few years ago when I used to give displays pretty frequently, I remember on many occasions telling the audience that "I would like to show you a 'No Stamps Available' forerunner, but I have a wife and two children to support".

Before moving to Oxfordshire in 1988 I had for seven years been the secretary of the Hitchin section of the North Herts Stamp Club, by coincidence having to give up that office happened almost exactly at the same time our Study Group was formed.

Acting as a Sales Manager for a leading UK leather manufacturer means being away from home for 12-14 weeks a year, primarily to the Middle East, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavia. Recently, two trips to Australia and New Zealand have given me the opportunity to meet Garth Harraway, the Pitcairn Islands Administrator, on both occasions. I can still recall the thrill I had during my visit in March when just as I was about to leave Garth Harraway's office the telephone rang for an incoming call from Pitcairn, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Betty Christian, and ask after Dennis Christian who attended our Greenwich meeting in 1990.

It made me even more determined to visit Pitcairn - one day!