The Chairman's Letter
by Austin Meares

As published in the January 2012 magazine

As I write this letter, the Autumn meeting held on 1st October is not far behind us. The gathering certainly had a buzz, due in part to David Sleep, having as always organised an interesting programme for our enjoyment and due also to a number of new members who attended. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members to the society and all of us have a duty to recruit at least one person, as it is the only way the organisation will survive in the long term.

The meeting was dedicated to our Founder Chairman, the Reverend David Ward who passed away at the end of July. A minute’s silence was held in his memory as we called to mind all that David did for our Society. He will be remembered for many years to come and we are much the poorer now that he is no longer with us.

At the Annual General Meeting the existing officers and committee were re-elected unopposed and we were pleased to welcome on board Felix Driver who, at twenty-two years of age, is our youngest member. Later in the day, Felix entertained us with a presentation on his recent voyages to Pitcairn, Henderson and Ducie Islands, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Most of you will be aware by now of your committee’s wish to widen the scope of PISG by including Norfolk Island within the scope of its activities. Historically Pitcairn and Norfolk have much in common and it seems a logical step to embrace Norfolk in all that it has to offer. The feedback at the AGM was very positive with everyone in favour of change. Those of you who are joint UK/USA members will receive via the April 2012 Pitcairn Log an opportunity to vote on the proposed changes which have been endorsed by the US PISG President and the UK committee. Do please support this initiative and make your views known by voting.

Our Spring meeting next year falls on 31st March which will be a combined meeting with the Captain Cook Society. We wish to make this a memorable event and our Secretary has lined up some interesting speakers for the occasion. Do please come along and give your support – remember this is your club!

I conclude by expressing my appreciation for all the ongoing hard work carried out by the various members of the committee, thus ensuring the smooth running of our organisation.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year, and looking forward to seeing you all on 31st March.

Austin Meares

Number 44 • January 2012