The Bounty Postcard Catalogue
By David Ransom
The Bounty Postcard Catalogue is intended as an illustrated reference for collectors of the 50-year-old American postcards of the MGM Bounty replica. This Kindle book was originally part of the Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue, a small privately printed, black and white publication cataloguing cards related to the subject of the mutiny on HMAV Bounty, and also the history of the Pitcairn Island Group, comprising Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno. The Bounty postcard section has been greatly enlarged for this Kindle edition.

Because there have been so many reprints in various styles, this MGM section is one of the most complicated postcard collecting areas. It is possible, with luck, to build a basic collection with one example of each of the 37 different cards that are known at the time of publishing. If you would prefer to be extremely pedantic, like me, and cause much worry to your family who may be concerned for your sanity, the collection of MGM postcards can be expanded to 165 items as detailed in this publication.

I am fortunate to have corresponded with the late Chicago based postcard collector Walter Kramarski. He was well known, by postcard collectors using the auction site eBay, by his user name ‘MGM card’, and it is partially thanks to him that this catalogue is so comprehensive. He generously shared his research with me so that I could merge it with my own.

To help you keep a record of which cards you have in your own collection, a check-list has been included at the end of this catalogue for you to print.
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The Bounty Postcard Catalogue
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