1935 Mutiny on the Bounty

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Sequel Never Produced! + MGM Memos 1952

13 Sep, 2010
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Historical Hollywood! Original Mutiny on the Bounty script 1935!

Plus Original script for unmade 1952 sequel “Captain Bligh: The Last World” Plus original MGM inter office memos discussing the sequel. All from the estate of Carey Wilson, co-screenwriter for the original Clark Gable 1935 version.

All three items below are included in this amazing collection. Not seen for at least 50 years and never offered for sale before.

1935 script. This appears to be an working script of Mutiny on the Bounty and is stamped “Temporary/Incomplete”.

Dated December 27, 31, 1934 from Talbot Jennings, Jules Furthman, and Carey Wilson. This particular script does not follow the movie exactly and therefore re-writes were made but it IS original and in good condition for its age. The screenwriters were nominated for an academy award for this legendary movie staring Charles Laughton, Clark Gable and directed by Frank Lloyd and based on the original book by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman. Listed as #86 on AFI’s 100 best American movies.

1952 script. This is the script of the sequel Carey Wilson was hired to write that was never produced titled “Captain Bligh: The Last World”. It is also stamped “Temporary/Incomplete” and is dated 1.24.52 in the lower right hand corner (in one of the memos, the story is called “Christian of the Bounty”.) At this point MGM was in Culver City. There is some dirt on the cover page and some yellowing but the actual script is in excellent condition. A fascinating insight into how Wilson wanted to add to the story of the original movie. 215 pages.

Inter Office memos. Here is an amazing behind the scenes look as to how the sequel was to be made and the story behind it. First is a note from Katherine Barnes to Cary Wilson asking him to repeat the story line he told to original Mutiny writer Charles Nordhoff. Mr. Wilson’s response is included as a rough outline as Wilson notes it took him 15 HOURS to tell Nordhoff the story originally....what a night that must have been! This is dated 8.25.45.

Next from 1.8.51 and 1.12.51 is a MGM inter office memo to Carey Wilson from Kenton Andrews of the research department. It appears to be a historical, factual time line from Jan. 1788 to Feb. 18, 1817 concerning Bligh and the British history.

The final memo is similar and dated 2.6.51 and is a chronology of major events in Great Britain before Bligh sailed for New South Wales. Also from Kenton Andrews.

All together this is an amazing collection of historical MGM items related to one of the greatest movies of all time, Mutiny on the Bounty. All items are guaranteed original and have never been offered to the public before. A great find for the vintage movie script, classic movie script, Captain Bligh, antique British navy, historical British empire, Clark Gable, historical MGM, MGM classic or similar collector.

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