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A large batch of The Pitcairn Log (USA) Journals. These are volumes 1 to 32 in eight green hard back binders with PISG logo on spine, December 1973 to December 2005. Available free to a good home if you are willing to collect from Cy Kitching in North Wales. They are pretty heavy. Maybe the buyer could make a donation to the Society (UK) funds. Please contact by email CLICK HERE. (Advert dated January 2015).

John Samuel, the clerk on the Bounty. PNI member John Fish seeks information about John Samuel, the clerk on the Bounty.  He is particularly interested in what happened to Samuel after he returned to England.  Any information will be appreciated and can be sent to email address CLICK HERE (Advert dated February 2014)

1975 Re-enactment of the 1789 William Bligh Open Boat Voyage. PNI member Ian Wilkinson would like to know where he can get information on the 1975 re-enactment of William Bligh’s 1789 open-boat voyage. Ian purchased both a photograph and Tonga commemorative cover on eBay. He knew about the expedition, as he was living in the Kingdom of Tonga during the 1970s. Unfortunately, he can remember little of the detail, and of course, Facebook, Twitter, and Internet blogs did not exist in those days. Any information would be much appreciated, such as crew numbers, back up equipment, use of navigational equipment, stopovers, records and logs of the actual voyage. Email: CLICK HERE. (Advert dated: January 2014)